SeaPort-e Multiple Award Contract
Quality Assurance Program
Effective Quality Assurance demands a high degree of detail to be implemented at every step of the development process. The
goal is to ensure that excellence is inherent in every component of the process. This is accomplished through a smooth
operating system of planning, monitoring, evaluating, and controlling.

Planning is the process of establishing a set of directions in sufficient detail to allow the project team to know exactly what is to
be done.  ITG will identify key points in each phase of the development process in which monitoring activities/devices will
ensure that we deliver products and services to the customer at a quality level that will meet or exceed client’s expectations.

The monitoring activities/devices are the tools that are used to identify deviations in what should be done and what is being
done.  ITG will establish monitoring activities that will include but not limited to:  design reviews, peer reviews, test plans,
budgets and projections, schedules, and team meetings.

Project evaluation is an examination of the project’s cost, schedule, and technical (quality).   ITG will use the monitoring
devices to ascertain the following:

Current status of the project – Does the work actually completed match the planned level of completion?
Future status – Are the significant schedule changes likely and what is the nature of the changes?
Status of crucial tasks – What progress has been made on tasks that could decide the success or failure of the project?
Risk assessment – What is the potential for the project failure or monetary loss?

Information about the project is collected via the monitoring activities/devices and evaluated against the planned performance
level.  If the deviations are significant enough, the ITG manager will take appropriate actions to reduce the differences.   The
ITG Project Manager is constantly concerned with the following three aspects of the project.   

Technical – is the project delivering what it promised to deliver?  
Cost - Is the project being delivered at or below the promised cost?  
Schedule - Is the project being delivered at or below the promised time?
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